Electronic Mosquito Dispeller

No chemical addition.
Pure physical mosquito repellent
Environmental protection and non-toxic
Quick charging, 30 minutes at a time to work 130 hours
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In nature, those who suck blood are in the stage of conception and spawning. At this stage, the female mosquito will avoid the male mosquito and avoid the second conception.
Therefore, simulating the sound of male mosquitoes can achieve mosquito repellent effect.
harmless mosquito repellent effect
Mosquito Dispeller Features:

Model Number: SM-QW-03
Ultrasonic wave
Imitating biological wave
Intelligent chip
360 °C omni-directional care
Standby time up to 1 month

Green environmental protection
Fine workmanship, impeccable from inside to outside, using medical high-grade silica gel, health and environmental protection, comfortable to wear, harmless to the body

Intelligent chip, high efficiency mosquito repellent
Using an intelligent chip, six kinds of biological acoustic waves are implanted, imitating biological waves and ultrasonic double waves are superimposed.

Cycle drive, mosquito repellent is more efficient
Special safe sound waves don’t affect normal life.

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