EMS Eye Massage Instrument

This eye massage instrument is a simulated acupuncture and moxibustion technique,

which fits each acupoint of the eye.

Simple operation, one-click switch

Comfortable skin-friendly silica gel, safe and breathable

Adjustable tight head buckle, suitable for different sizes of head circumference, convenient for family use
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EMS Eye Massage Instrument Product features:
Model Number: SM-EM-04
1. 3D mobile optical technology
2. EMS microcurrent technology: pulse massage to eliminate eye fatigue
3. High-grade silica gel material: soft and comfortable, will not cause pressure to the nose beam
4. Design of loosening belt: the loosening degree of eye protector can be adjusted according to the size of head and face.
5. Advanced ABS materials: heat resistance, low temperature resistance, flame retardant, good electrical insulation
Matters needing Attention:
1. Do not wear glasses or contact lenses when using an eye masseuse
2. Be careful not to let the instrument into the water so as not to cause damage
3. Cool, dry storage, non-corrosive gas, away from wet, dusty places
4. Far from magnetic equipment, no magnetic interference around
5. It is prohibited to remove this product on your own. If in doubt, please find professional help, or contact us.
How to use a eye massager
FAQ of the EMS Eye Massage:
Q: How long does it take to train at a time?
A: If you use it for more than three months, you can have a good effect if you use it for 15 minutes each time, one time in the morning and one time in the evening.
Q: Can it use all kinds of faces?
A: Yes, conductive silica gel can be moved, the position can be adjusted according to the face type, the distance of the glasses, and the loosening belt can be adjusted according to the size of the individual head.
Q: Can children use it?
A: Yes, it has a good protective and relieving effect on children’s eyesight, which is suitable for age 8 ≤ 55 years old.
Q: Why is the pulse feeling left and right uneven?
A: 1) First wipe the eye protection electric silica gel with a wet cloth, and then determine whether the raised pulse massage point is close to the skin.
    2) Gradually adjust the pulse current grade, this instrument has 30 grades of current, usually need to use 4 ≤ 5 gear feeling will be more obvious, it is suggested to use the low grade to start adaptation, and then gradually increase the grade
    3) The activity of the left and right cells is not used, the contact area and the uneven dry and wet skin will lead to different pulse degrees.
Q: Is this product recharged?
A: This product is charged by built-in lithium battery, which is more stable than dry battery, and the pulse strength effect is improved.
(charging should not exceed 3 hours, the indicator light is red and full blue when charging)
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