Yoga Auxiliary Fitness Slide Board

Use the action of overcoming gliding to mobilize all muscle groups to adapt to such core and stability training
Stimulate the muscles of the waist, abdomen, and buttocks to increase the training effect.
It allows your unarmed self-respect training to go up to a tall building, and it can also be used to stretch and strengthen your shoulders, chest, back, etc.

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Fitness Slide Board Diameter: 18CM
Model Number: SM-HXB02

Fitness Slide Board Features:

1. Foam surface, soft skin, hands, and feet placed on top of more comfortable
2. ABS surface-wear-resistant, can be exercised in all kinds of lawn carpet places
3.The product is light and convenient and can be placed in any corner of the room
4.Adopt high-quality material, environmental protection, health, suitable for every member of the family


Fitness Slide Board Functions:

Develop the whole body, coordination ability
Burning calories while enhancing the balance of muscles and muscles to make the body more fit

More professional differences and anti-skid, yoga teachers under their feet, textured surfaces, delicate and orderly texture trend design is six times as strong as the traditional grip.

To meet the needs of a balanced pose, whether you are a professional or a snowman, you should not miss it.


How to make full use of the Board:

how to use fitness slide plate

Why choose us?

# We accept small orders or no minimum.
# Factory direct price without a middleman to keep your benefits.
# We are able to help clients to customize logos or packing boxes.


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