Galvanic Anion Eye Massage Pen

Cheap 3 in 1 Compact Galvanic Anion Beauty Eye Massage Pen – Hyperthermia Eye Massager Pen – 3 in 1 Compact Device – Cheap Price

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Cheap 3 in 1 Compact Galvanic Anion Beauty Eye Massage Pen Wholesale

Battery Operated Cheap 3 in 1 Compact Galvanic Anion Beauty Eye Massage Pen – Hyperthermia Eye Massager.


Model Number: SM-KC1000
Material: Eco-friendly ABS Plastic
Dimension: 144.8 * 27.9 * 25.4 mm
Weight: 18.5 g (Without battery)
Power Supply: DC 1.5 V (1 pc AAA battery)
Micro-Vibration Frequency: 200 Hz
Power: 0.5 W
Certification: CE, ROHS

Package Included:

1 x Galvanic Anion Eye Massage Pen
1 x User Manual
1 x Gift Box

Accessories Optional:

1 x AAA battery
1 x travel pouch

Main Features:

Micro-vibration stimulates crow’s feet and eyelid laxity which can achieve a firming effect.

Hyperthermia (or heat treatment) stimulates skin cells through massage, locks in moisture, improves blood circulation and revives eyes fatigue.

Relieves dark circles and puffiness, removes eye bags and reduces wrinkles around eyes.

Anion (Negative Ions) makes skin care product maximize absorption.

How to Use:

1. Please insert 1 x AAA battery in the correct polarity before use.

2. Clean the eye area and gently apply a thin layer of eye care essence on the eye area.

3. Hold the conductive bar before massaging with the massaging tip point by point or circularly over eye area where eye care essence has been applied.

Note: Please make sure the area is clean and fully moisturized, otherwise it may not work properly.

4. Massage the area for 30-60 seconds. Use it in the morning and evening.

5. Please clean the massage tip with a soft towel or tissue after use.


This eye massage pen recreates a professional beauty treatment by combining heated with delicate pulsations, and it is perfect for skin with signs of aging such as crow’s feet, fine lines, undereye bags, dark circles. Relax your mind and help you sleep better!

Uses gentle vibration and warm heat to relax and soothe the eyes, warmth to touch the skin, make the eyes more comfortable. Best gift to your family, friends, colleague and so on!

Comfortable thermal care massage head maintains heat between 39°C to 42°C. Open the pores and refresh skin, keeping skin firm, glossy and elastic.

Iontophoresis promote skin care scream/gel/lotion essence penetrating into skin basal layer, activate skin cells and remove fine lines and wrinkles.


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