Hair Shaver and Exfoliating Tool Washable

Epilator how to use?  this may be a question for a novice, this easy-to-operate machine, get it, you can easily use it, as long as you touch the part you need to deal with to complete shaving and peeling, different knife heads have different functions, safety, hygiene, convenience.
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Hair Shaver and Exfoliating Tool China Supplier Wholesale

1.Four in one function, grinding foot skin, shaving, hair removal, haircut and so on,
Four knife design, shaving and grinding skin more accurate, no pressure at all.
The hair pulling head is designed with a sliding clip, and the distance between the clips is reduced when the axis rotates from the back, so as to achieve the purpose of cyclic rotation and clean hairpin hair removal, which is simple and fast.
The top layer of the shaving head is combined with a moving knife before and after the foil, and the shaving head is gently shaved, and the hair is completely absent.
2.  Multifunctional replaceable grinding head knife head.
3. Simple operation, small and easy to carry.

With this hair extractor, you can have extra body hair. At the same time, it brings you a comfortable hair removal experience. If you use the product regularly, your skin will be silky and smooth, and the rotating pulley can clip the short hair and root it out. So it makes your skin smooth and your hair as soft as antler hair.
Hair Shaver and Exfoliating Tool Parameter:
Model Number: SM-MJQ-D01
Product color: pink and purple
Rated voltage: 220V 110V
Rated frequency: 50Hz-60hz
Product accessories: 1 hair removal tool head ; 1 grinding foot head ;1 haircut knife head
                                      1 charger + 1 cleaning brush ; 1 transparent protection cover ; 1 specification
Product size: 12.5 / 6.5
Color box size: 20.5 x 20.5 / 6.2
Full box size: 44.5 / 65 / 42
Gross product weight:  575g
Net product weight: 560g
Whole box net weight / gross weight:  22.5 ≤ 21
Whole box quantity: 40pcs
Product material:  ABS
Hair Shaver and Exfoliating Tool washable
Hair Shaver and Exfoliating Tool washable for legs

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