Hand-held Roller Muscle Massager

What can the Muscle Massager bing you?

1. Beautify the lines of the legs and improve the shape of the calves after exercise
2. Promote recovery after exercise, improve muscle soreness, maintain exercise state
3. Improve muscle soreness and relieve fascia, improve soft tissue muscle tension and stiffness
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Muscle Massager Parameter:
Model Number: SM-PM001
Use: Hold the handle and roll back and forth on the muscles

Why we need massage after sports?

After the fierce sports training or competition, the athletes’ nerves, body fluids, circulation, respiration, digestion, metabolism and acid-base balance will undergo great changes, which temporarily destroy the balance of the internal environment of the body.

But it quickly reaches a new balance, which usually marks an improvement in the body’s ability to work.

However, in the process of balancing the functional systems of the internal environment, there are sometimes slow links,

the general performance is: excessive mental tension, insomnia, muscle tension, fatigue and so on. Massage after exercise can promote the elimination of these phenomena, accelerate the internal environment to achieve a new balance, accelerate the improvement of the ability to exercise load, accelerate the completion of the preparation of the latter exercise load.

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