Home-used Laser Hair Removal Device


Pulse depilation of IPL technology

Wavelength up to 600-900NM

5 gear adjustment step by step

500000 Flash is not false

LCD display is intuitionistic and obvious

Seamless lamp holder is safe and does not leak light

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Laser Hair Removal Device

Model Number: SM-tmy-01


1. 500000 hair of energy, a single person can be used for about 15-20 years.
A single full body hair removal only about 2000 hair, 8 times can inhibit the growth of hair. The full
cycle takes only about 16000 rounds.

2. Integrated solid lasing, perfect filtration system, committed to safer hair removal
3.Two mode:
Single flash: the button will flash
Suitable for lip hair, armpit, face, bikini area, safe leakproof flicker

Flash: flash as soon as it is touch skin
Suitable for large areas such as thighs, arms and so on

4.Five sets of light, vertical and vertical lamp holder, hair removal without dead angle
5.Only 90 °vertical skin can shine successfully and prevent waste of hair.


Laser Hair Removal Device operation Steps:

1. Remove the hair with a razor
2. Turn on and adjust the gear position
3. The professional protective glasses attached to this product should be worn to protect the eyes.
5. Close the product vertically to the skin, press the light key to flash, and start hair removal

Laser Hair Removal Device recharging


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