Infrared Induction Eye Massager

Who need this Infrared Induction Eye Massager Product?
1. Workaholic. working on computers for most of the day.
2. Students. I read very late every day, and I’m under a lot of pressure.
3. People who stay up late watch TV at night and play games late into the night, affecting the spirit of the whole day
4. Electronic control, mobile phone tablet does not leave hand, staring at the small screen all the time

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Little Tips for eye care:
Model Number: SM-EM-02
1. Don’t read in the faint or intense light, look at the distance for a while
2. Don’t look at electronic items such as monitors and mobile phones for long periods of time.
3. Develop the habit of proper eye exercises during rest
4. Often massage your eyes.
Infrared Induction Eye Massager Operational instructions:
1. Infrared transform mode
In the infrared perceptible area (2 cm-30 cm), put the palm in this area for 2 seconds, and the mode will automatically switch to the next one, where there will be a “Di”. If you need to switch to the next mode, move the palm away and put the palm back in the area for 2 seconds.
2. Infrared conversion speed
After boot, the default working time is 10 minutes, 9 modes automatically cycle, the default is the first gear.
Slide the palm quickly through the infrared area and switch to the next speed, and the “Di” sound indicates the success of the switch. A total of 5 Levels cycle in turn
Levels of  speed description:
  • Level 1: 3500 rpm
  • Level 2: 4500 rpm / min
  • Level 3: 6000 rpm / min
  • Level 4: 7500 rpm / min
  • Level 5: 9000 rpm / min


1. Do not wear contact lenses when in use
2. Please keep the massage electrocuted clean
3. People with injured or inflamed eyes are not allowed to wear
4. For the first time, please charge the device first


how to relax your eyes

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