IPL Hair Removal Instrument


Net weight: 240g
Gross weight: 630g
Single product size: 166*80*45mm
Packing size: 228*170*58mm
Carton size: **mm
Packing: gift box
Material: ABS

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IPL Hair Removal Instrument China Supplier Wholesale

Model Number: SM-tmy-02
1. Only for targeted hair follicles melanin, do not cause skin damage, easy, gentle, safe and reliable
2.Eliminate acne and eliminate spots and beautiful metamorphosis
3.The red light traditional skin reaches the deep cell, stimulates the continuous regeneration of subcutaneous collagen.
4. Radiofrequency transfer heat to the cortex
5. Promote the proliferation of collagen
6. Collagen props up the skin and restores delicate and tender muscles

How “IPL Hair Removal Instrument” works:
1. Hypnotic hair follicles
Hair follicles enter dormancy after melanin absorbs heat in hair follicles.
2. Hair shedding
The hair falls off naturally and does not grow for a long time
3. Inhibition of regeneration
Regular use can inhibit hair growth, Matters needing attention

1. Avoid sun exposure within half a year after laser hair removal, and use sunscreen directed by your doctor
To reduce sunlight.
2. Hair removal may produce a slight redness and swelling, sensitive skin and a feeling of heat and itching
If you feel pain, apply ice to relieve the pain.
3. Do not hot or scrub the hair removal part

IPL Hair Removal Instrument five level
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