Jade Guasha Tool

A scraping board can be used for the whole body
Back scraping massage
Facial massage beauty
Foot stimulation acupoint
Neck relaxes muscles and bones
Breast massage breast massage
The legs are thin and the legs are thicker.

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Jade Guasha Tool is based on jade as the main material which contain: tigerite Guasha, clear quartz Guasha, rose quartz Gua sha, amethyst Guasha, Redstone Guasha, aventurine Guasha, xinyi jade Guasha, opal Guasha, blue-veins stone Guasha, xiuyan jade Guasha, obsidian Guasha, nephrite Guasha, and so on. According to the Compendium of Materia Medica, jade was not only used for viewing in ancient times, but also has a good role in disease treatment and health care in medical and health care. At the same time, according to modern science, it is confirmed that jade contains not only many kinds of jade.
The trace elements which are beneficial to the human body form a special electromagnetic field and resonate with the biological magnetic field of the human body itself, thus promoting the new nature of the human body.
Chen metabolism, improve the physiological functions of the human body. If worn at acupoints, the electromagnetic field of jade can also stimulate meridians and collaterals and achieve the effect of dredging meridians, storing yuan and nourishing essence.
Jade guasha tool chinese medicine
Jade GuaSha Tool Parameter:
Model Number: SM-JGS09
Feather-shape scraping board
Weight: 99g
U-shaped scraping plate
Weight: 123g
Heart-shape scraping board
Weight: 110g
Matters needing attention in scraping
1. Excessive hunger and satiety, excessive fatigue and drunkenness should not be scraped.
2. After scraping, we must do a good job of preventing cold and keeping warm, and do not touch cold water.
3. It is suggested that minors scraping first and traditional Chinese medicine suggest that action be taken.
4. Scraping time should not be too long, scraping again for more than a week
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