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Jade Roller parameter:
Model Number: SM-JR08
Size: 145*55mm
Jade massage is guided by the theory of meridians and collaterals of traditional Chinese
medicine, through special massage equipment and corresponding techniques.
Dip a certain essential oil, wake up and roll repeatedly on the surface of the human
body, squeeze, make the skin compact and increase elasticity, achieve the effect of thin
face detoxification, and achieve the role of promoting blood circulation and
moisturizing skin, detoxification, facial care and health care
Jade Roller Introduce:
Large roller: Suitable for cheek, forehead and neck
Massage technique from bottom to top, push along the direction of skin growth, so that the effect of pulling the skin can be achieved, and muscle drooping can be avoided.
Handle: The length is designed to be more comfortable.
Small roller: Suitable for eyes
Massage around the eye, massage clockwise, can reduce the fine lines of the corner of the eye, but also prevent wrinkles
Jade Roller Operation Method
Gently force on both sides of the cheek, rolling massage from bottom to top,
Or from above the eyebrows, from the bottom up, scroll back and forth to massage the skin
The strength should be uniform, rolling back and forth 20 times 50 times,
about 20 minutes or so, with facial muscles slightly red.

Jade Roller use method

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