Makeup Sponge Waterdrop Shape

makeup sponge for beginners,Water drop powder puff, using non-latex material, adhere to environmental protection materials, it will become very small when dry, easy to carry, after wet makeup more post.

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“Makeup Sponge Blender is a non-disposable cosmetic applicator. and developed with polyurethane material

It can be used with primers, foundations, powders, cream blushes, and any other blending liquid and creamy makeup.”

Model Number: SEM-FP-1

For delicate and difficult-to-see facial areas,

its tip is suitable for the depths of the eyelids, eyelashes and skin texture,

while its tail end fits well with the contours of the face.


Makeup Sponge Waterdrop Shape Design:

Cutting-edge Part:  Suitable for the eyes lip weeks makeup parts.
Side Part:  Suitable for Chin and nose
Bottom Part:  Suitable for cheeks,forhead and other large area parts


Makeup Sponge Waterdrop Shape Features:

Gentle skin-friendly:  Suitable for all skin types, does not cause allergies after use
Latex-free:  No side effects on the human body, and good oil control
Containing Vitamin E:  It has a certain cosmetic effect on the skin.
Convenient cleaning:  The gap will naturally become larger during the cleaning process, and the residual impurities are easier to clean out and return to the original state after drying.
No chipping:  This product uses polymer technology. The surface is more flexible. Will not smash after repeated use
No smell:  The material is fresh and clean
Environmental Protection












































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