Mini Electric Hair Shaver

where to buy a hair shaver in Singapore or other country?

When you have such a shaving device, you can hair your body face and nose anytime, anywhere.
The white look may be more suitable for girls, of course, if you like black, you can see the connection at the bottom
It can be reused with USB wire charging.High-quality razor for sensitive skin

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Mini Electric Hair Shaver China Supplier Wholesale

Mini Electric Hair Shaver Features:
Model Number: SM-TMQ-B-1

-Rotating disassembly knife head, easy installation and easy cleaning
The knife head is aimed at the clamping position of the fuselage, indicating rotation clamping along the direction of the fuselage arrow, and the knife head is installed. After disassembly, wash directly with water, which can easily wash away the difficult hair
-Easy to hold pen shape design, the collection does not occupy a place
Hair shaving pen design, easy to master, the small fuselage in the bag does not occupy space, battery power can take on the plane, There is no need to worry about charging, travel and business trips can also maintain a good demeanor
Mini Electric Hair Shaver Three Functions
Nasal hair scissors:
Built-in rotary blade, full of power, no hair jam, no nasal cavity injury
Fine steel knife head, clean, safe repair does not hurt nasal cavity, 360 °capture, accurate construction
Hair shaving device
Suspended knife face, body hair is easier
Exquisite shaving floating knife head, not only to protect the safety of the skin but also to make the skin cleaner and smoother
Sideburns knife
Limit comb, adjustable 2-5mm
Knife head R chamfer processing, when running, any angle contact with the skin
It can also ensure the safety of the skin, the length of the limit comb can be adjusted, and the hair repair is more stylish.
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