Multifunctional Eye Care Massager

Heated and cold eye care device uses 3D concave curved anti-aging technology, close to the eyes skin, gentle and soothing. 9000 micro-vibration messages per minute to accelerate metabolism and promote circulation. With functions of vibration massage, heated relaxing pressure, cold soothing, one machine to improve all eye problems.

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Multifunctional Eye Care Massager
Technical Parameters
Model Number: SM-YM1709
Size: 155*52*38.5 mm
Input Voltage: Dc5V
Temperature Range: 6-42℃(±3℃)
Vibration Frequency: 9000 (+ 10%) rpm
Charge Time: 3.5/ hours
Charging Power: 2.5W
Use Power: MAX10W
Battery Capacity: 750mAh
Weight: 138g
Warranty: One year

Package Include
1 pc Eye Care Massager
1 pc Charging Cable
1 pc Manual Instructions
1 pc Packing box

Main Features
1. Ergonomic 3D concave curved anti-aging design.
2. High-frequency vibration: through high-frequency vibration, combined with skincare essence, heated effect model, to make the pores open, so that skincare nutrients more easily infiltrate into the bottom layer of the skin, thus achieving the effect of muscle source care.
3. Heated effect: relieve eye fatigue, make the eyes more comfortable, promote the blood circulation around the eye, improve the circulation system, dilute the dark circles of the eye, and make the eyes brighter and more charming.
4. Cold effect: dilute the eye bags, relieve eye edema, eye fatigue, dryness, red blood, make the eyes clearer and more moving.


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