Muscle Massage Stick

The Muscle Massage Stick seems light and simple, but the effect of applying it to fitness training is obvious.
Not only can it strengthen the core strength of the body, improve balance and coordination,
but also the relaxing muscle technology of massage sticks is also widely used in rehabilitation activities.

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3 Balls Muscle Massage Stick


5 Balls Muscle Massage Ball

How To use Muscle Massage Stick?


1.Use a massage stick in every muscle part of the body before and after exercise.

Do a deep and wide range of pressing rolling
Rolling 20 times before and after can make the deep muscle heat the blood unobstructed and relieve muscle fatigue.

2. Relieve the fatigue caused by sitting for a long time
In the face of the computer, resulting in fascia tension, often using massage sticks can relieve immersion tension
Achieve the effect of relaxation

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