Nail File Set China Manufactory

Fuselage material and process: ABS+UV
Host size: 153×33*28mm
Packing mode: color box + plastic absorption
Design of two Speed
Forward / reverse design to facilitate the rotation of
the left hand and the right hand of the user
No middleman. Get your today?
wholesale Polisher
multi function Nail tool china
Nail File Set Details:
No.1: Scrub grinding head: Grinding fingernail edge
No.2: Shaver head: the whole body is suitable for bringing you smooth skin anytime, anywhere
No.3: Polishing plate: mild material, brush nail surface
No.4:  Polishing grinding head: seamless soft grinding head, brush nail surface
No.5:  Grinding head: seamless fine soft grinding head, brush nail surface
No.6:  Smooth grinding head: seamless fine soft grinding head, brush nail surface
No.7:  Big contusion cone: repair fingernail edge uneven, remove dead skin, callout effect is good
No.8:  Tip contusion cone: grinding and repairing fingernail edges and corners
No.9:  Grinding head: To repair nail edge and fine spot grinding
Examples of methods of Nail File Set Details use:
I: Treatment of dead skin of hand
1. Wash hands with warm water handle
2. Rub the dead skin on the edge of your nails with tool 9
3. And use tool No. 1 to deal with calluses at the palm of your hand.
II. Removal of nail polish treatment
1. Polish the remaining nail polish with tool 1
2. Polished and polished with tool No. 4
3. It can be polished and polished with No. 6 tool.
III. Nursing care of daily grinding armour
1. Polish the edges of your nails with tool 3
2. Polished and polished with tool No. 5
3. You can grind it with tool No. 1.
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