Nail UV Dryer


No Harmful

Inteligent Induction

36W Power

Double UV/LED

Timing Switch

Detachable base

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Nail UV Dryer Features:

1.Painless mode, timing function

30s/60s/99s multi-stage time, according to the baking time required by different glue for free adjustment.
Improve the efficiency of baking glue, really solve the problem of base glue, prolonging glue, sealing layer and so on.

2. Intelligent LCD screen
When using, the display screen is lit automatically, it’s clear to see using time
When not in use, the time screen automatically closes

3. The double-sided venting hole design increases the heat dissipation function of the body.
Solve the problem that the use time is too long, the body is hot and hot, and the service life of the
nail machine is also prolonged.

4.Simulating the sun can better protect the skin of the hand and completely bid farewell to the blackening of the baking glue caused by the lights.

5.Using double light source wavelength (365+405nm) lamp beads, no dead angle distribution, omni-directional baking glue, suitable for all glue


no harm Nail UV Dryer


Nail UV Dryer Parameter:
Model Number: SM-Nail02
Product size: 155*200*80mm
Number of lamp beads: 30;
Lamp wavelength: 365+405nm
Maximum power: 48W;
The fastest solid glue: 5S’
Timing function: 5S’/30S’/60S’
Single gross weight: 0.692kg
Dimensions: 538*340*525


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