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Nano Mist Sprayer China Supplier Wholesale

Model Number: SM-sprayer-green

Color: Pink, white, purple, green
Water Container Volume: 30 mL
Power: USB cable
Size: 130*35*35mm
Battery: 1200mah
Material: ABS
Power supply: USB cable
Package: gift box

when need it?

When the skin is dry: it can quickly eliminate the dryness of the skin and make the skin full of
elasticity and tenderness.

When the air is dry: the necessities of this product when flying, and use nano-spray, whether in a cool office or in a sultry car, or whenever you feel you need water supplies.

When the skin is tight or irritated: used when the skin is stimulated or sunburned. Or use it when you feel tight or uncomfortable after bathing in a sauna.

After makeup: use before makeup can provide sufficient moisture for a long time to make up, ensure that the skin is not tight after makeup can provide moisture supply again so that the skin looks more dynamic.

Easy to deal with wrinkles and whitening management: please replenish the skin in the morning and evening. The nano-sprayer has the characteristics that the water vapor emitted by the nano-sprayer is not easy to flow and is directly absorbed, and the water vapor of the makeup water can be of great help to wrinkles and whitening.

After cosmetic mask or facial massage: you can use a nano-sprayer when stimulated after a cosmetic mask or facial massage, which can quickly restore skin state.


Nano Mist Sprayer Effect:

The skin permeability of the nano molecules of the sprayer was increased by 75%, and the deep
infiltration and replenishment of water was achieved to repair the dry skin.


PS: It is recommended to use mineral water, which can be dripped into the essence and pure dew.

Do not use essence and oily lotion with a viscosity higher than 4000MPA.S
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