Nasal Hair Trimmer For Ladies

Maintaining a good image is no longer the exclusive preserve of girls.
Business men, exquisite men also need to create a clean face
We’re already adept at shaving.
But for nasal hair, we still need a good help to help you.
This is a black battery nose hair scissors, it is very small, very easy to carry and daily use.
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Nasal Hair Trimmer Parameters:
Model Number: SM-BMJ
Material: ABS
Supply: 1*AA battery


1. Three-dimensional arch knife head design:
more convenient to capture nose hair, more comfortable experience
2. Open seam design:
easy to capture multiple directions and various lengths of nasal hair
3. High speed rotating knife head:
strong power, short nose hair clean and quick
4.Dry battery power:
a battery, can be used for a long time, easy to travel and use
5.Humanized switch design:
gently push up can be used

How A Nose Hair Trimmer Works:

Step 1:
Push the key up to cost the nose hairdresser.
Step 2:
The nose hair trimmer fixed knife holder into the nostrils, and make a circular rotation action, nose hair pruning.
Step 3:
Turn off the nose hairdresser.
Step 4:
Cover the protective cover to prevent damage to the outer knife net.
Why choose us:
# We accept small orders or no minimum.
# Factory direct price without middleman to keep your benefits.
# We are able to help client to custome logo or packing box.
nose hair trimmer comparison on head
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