Negative Ion Air Purifier

It can work at home with USB Adapter,also in Car with the car charger.

This is a professional refresh air device,It works by chemical reaction with formaldehyde molecules.

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Air Purifier Parameters:
Model Number: SM-JHQ-04
Voltage: AC110V/50Hz (DC12V, 300mA)
AC220V/60Hz (DC12V, 300mA)
Power consumption: DC12V/260mA
Negative ion output: 2000000ion
Size: 12×10 cm
Air flow: 2.58-3.44m3/min
Weight: 240g
Use area: 20-50m2
Ambient temperature: 0 °C-40 °C

What can the Air Purifier do for you?

Fresh air:
Remove smoke and dust from the surrounding air, and the air becomes pure and natural.
Neutralizing positive ions:
Because computers and household appliances produce positive ions of radiation in use, the negative ions produced by this machine neutralize positive ions.
Then inhaling a large number of negative ions enhances the oxygen absorption function of the lung, enhances the body activity of the whole body, and promotes blood metabolism.
Suitable for: Home, Office, Accounting room, Toilet, Pet house, Business place and other space sterilization,
detoxification, removal of odour, purification of air
air purifier for pets china factory supplier


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