Non-Skid Yoga Wheel

Improve hunchback and shape charming curve
Stretch the whole body to enhance the flexibility of the body
Play in a variety of ways to help you complete a difficult pose
Environmental protection material, health guarantee
Flexible and non-skid, stable support
Improve the body, improve the stiffness of the body, strengthen the strength of the abdominal muscle
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Non-Skid Yoga Wheel China Supplier Wholesale

Yoga Wheel Parameter:
Model Number: SM-Yoga wheel
Size: 33*14*2CM
Package Box:34*34*67CM
The yoga wheel is one of the auxiliary devices of yoga.
By copying the human body curve, it can help stretch the ligament.
Stretch the spine, open the shoulder, open the back, improve the stiffness of the body, relax the body.
Help practitioners stay away from hunchback and exercise waist strength
Suitable for beginners into class yoga can be easily used.
The anti-skid tight fit of Environmental Protection PP material
Anti-tire pattern super anti-skid
Yoga Wheel Color optional
Different colors optional:
yoga wheel style option


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