Pilates Toning Bar

The pilates toning bar, also known as the “fitness stick,” is known as the portable gym with you.
It has the function of barbell, rower, pull belt and other instruments, if you can give full play to his role,
It can help you exercise all over the body, especially beautifying the legs and waist and abdomen curves.
And it can be removed, easy to collect and carry.
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Pilates Toning Bar Parameter:

Size: stick length 91CM,Latex tubing 85CM
Material: NBR+metal bar+latex tubing


Pilates Toning Bar Features:

Removable, easy to store, easy to carry
Thick foam, comfortable, durable
Thick nylon protective strap protects the ankles of the hands and opens more training moves
TPR elastic rope, strong toughness, multiple stretch, not easy to break


Customer said:

“I love that it helps me stretch my lower back! I have sciatica and my lower back hurts. By stretching my my lower back, it relieves the tension and therefore relieves the pain. I would recommend it.”

“I can wear pencil skirts again, and I feel much more strong and stable overall. Great confidence booster that makes you carry yourself proudly. I alternate this with light weight lifting. A great addition to any one’s exercise routine.”

How to use pilates stick

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