Portable Electric Ionic Hair Brush

Portable negative ionic vibrating massage scalp hair brush easy to carry around anywhere, suitable for all hair types, double ionic generator for healthy silky hair to releases more negative ionic to reduce split ends and knotting, gives your hair a smooth, silky, natural lustrous look, helps straight hair. This hair comb also with antic-static function is suitable for adults and children.

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Portable Electric Ionic Hair Brush
Technical Parameters
Model Number: SM-WT027
Material: ABS
Size: 13.1*7.4*6.4cm
Battery: 2* AAA battery
Color: pink, blue, red, black, purple
Usage: Straight hair, Massage comb
Weight: 150g
Warranty: One year

Package Include
1 pc Electric Ionic Hair Brush
1 pc Manual Instructions
1 pc Packing box

Product Features
1. The electric ionic hair brush generates negative ions to neutralize the positive charge of static electricity, with antic-static function, it helps to reduce hair split ends, hair frizz and knotting, keep your hair healthy, silky and smooth.
2. The brush can massage the scalp, promote scalp blood circulation, relieve fatigue, bring healthy nutrition to the hair follicles, long-term use can effectively reduce hair loss, relieve headache and dizziness.
3. Is a professional straight hairbrush, helps you to easily & painlessly detangle all types of hair; makes your hair smooth, silky, natural lustrous look.
4. This comb is very light and portable to carry around anywhere, even for travel.
5. Fashion design, 6 colors optional

Portable Electric Ionic Hair Brush

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