Portable RF Skin Lift Beauty Machine

The RF firming heats the dermal tissue layer and uses the body’s own repair function to stimulate tissue regeneration and rebuild so that the dermis layer is thickened.
We may all know that RF is a real skin tightening, but it needs to be used for a long time to consolidate the effect.
It’s too expensive to go to a beauty salon, and this tool can help you take care of your skin anytime, anywhere at home.
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rf how to use

RF Skin Lifting Machine Parameter:
Model Number: SM-RF-1
Input voltage: DC 5V
Battery capacity: 750mA
Charging power: ≤ 2.5W
Charging time: ≤ 3.5 hours
Working time: 5 minutes /
N.W : 137.4 g
Product Size: 145*51.9*38.5mm
Color box size: 190*77*70mm
Packing integer: 40 sets / box

The function of current intensity regulation:
 In low-grade mode, effectively relieve fatigue muscle, gentle and comfortable massage colleagues, to the skin topping to increase the oxygen content of cells and supplement nutrients.
 In the middle mode, it is helpful to lift the facial outline, restore clear lines, improve the false shallow fine lines, and have obvious effects on black circles, pouch corners, and young lines.
 In the high-grade mode, effectively improve many problems of natural aging skin, such as legal lines, eyebrow lines, fishtail lines, necklines and so on, the effect of high-efficiency anti-decay care products is better.
What needs to be cared for when using an RF machine?
1. Please read the instructions carefully before using them, and then use them correctly.
2. Please do not disassemble or modify the machine by yourself, please contact the local dealer for repair.
3. Please do not use it for purposes other than the specification.
4. Please do not use or place in high temperature and humidity environment such as sun, fire basin, bathroom and so on.
5. Don’t put it next to hotter appliances to avoid accidents such as fire and electric shock.
6. The charger should not be used in wet conditions to avoid short circuit and electric shock.
7. Please do not allow children or people who are physically dysfunctional to use them. Minors need to be accompanied by adults when using them.
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