Postpartum Recovery Abdomen


Two months postpartum is the key time

to tighten the pelvis, because ligament

recovery takes time, some mothers will

use it until six months after delivery,

please use it depending on your effect

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Postpartum Recovery Abdomen

Model Number: SM-PRA06

Operation Method:

Postpartum recovery abdomen use way

Postpartum Recovery Abdomen Features

1 adjustable surround “double belt” design provides controllable compression, auxiliary belt has a certain compression force. Can relieve your pain
2 light durable, the inner belt uses pierced neoprene rubber, the weight is light, breathable, resistant to pilling. The banded fish fabric used for secondary tape has air permeability, elasticity and pilling resistance.
3 the anti-skid silicone tape on the inner belt can prevent the belt from sliding up and down. You can wear it during physical exercise, but strenuous exercise is not encouraged during recovery.
4. The Postpartum recovery abdomen is mainly used for the recovery of postpartum pelvis, which is very helpful to the rapid recovery of postpartum mother’s pelvis, the maintenance of figure and the enhancement of self-confidence.

The harm of pelvic relaxation:

1. The buttocks get bigger or the O-legs.
2. Calf cramps often
3. Feel sore in the waist, back, buttocks, etc.
4. Feel visceral droop
5. Diagnosed as threatened preterm delivery
6. Water can enter the vagina when you use a bathtub
7. Pain in the thigh of the femurs
8. Symptoms such as stool incontinence, hemorrhoids, constipation, etc.

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