Rechargeable Electric Nose Hair Trimmer Set

Michael said:”Works great!! I was afraid it would pull and hurt but it didn’t at all! This is my first experience with this type of product so I researched quite a bit. Very happy with purchase.”

Bob said:”It’s easy to use and painless! The detachable cutter head makes cleaning safe and effective after use”

Mary said:”I purchased this for my partner because he is still using small scissors and a big clipper to trim his nose and ear hairs. When this came in it was much smaller than I imagined which is great for traveling. It worked really well and didn’t pull it tug at any hairs. Very painless. I would recommend for your man!”

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Nose Hair Trimmer Parameter:
Model Number: SM-BMJ-04
Package size: 185*128*36MM
Use time:60 Mins
Supply: USB Charging


What happens when you don’t fix your nose hair?
1. During the interview:
Cover up, lack of confidence, affect interview results
2. When meeting with a client:
The nose hair is exposed, the image is untidy, the customer is difficult to trust
3. At dinner:
When I was having dinner with my relatives and friends, I showed my nose hair and was embarrassed.
4. On a date:
Untrimmed, charm deducts points
I guess the reason you don’t want to trim it in time may be
In the traditional way of regulating appearance, the strong feeling of pain is not effective.
Then try this newly upgraded nose hairdresser.
  • High torque motor
  • USB charging for a long time
  • Three-dimensional arched knife head, no nasal cavity injury
  • The whole body is washed with water, and the cleaning is convenient.


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