Rechargeable Freckle Removal Tool

8-speed adjustment

Spotlight precise positioning

LED display

More than one needles more durable

Health and clean

I want to …

I want to …

I want to …

Freckle Removal Tool Parameter:
Model Number: SM-DZB
Battery            : 800mAh 3.7V
Input current : 5V/1A
Output power : MAX5W
Material           : ABS+ steel needle
Accessories      : fine needle * 10
                             thick needle (including needle sleeve) * 3
                             Specification * 1
                             USB data line * 1
removal tool function
Freckle Removal Tool Guide to the application of gear:
1-2 level:
Finer Needles:  Fats and Microstructures
3-4 level:
Finer Needle:  Nevi
Thicker Needle:  Spot
5-6 level:
Finer Needle: Mole like mung bean.
Thicker Needle: Mung bean spot
7-8 level
Fine needle: Big mole
Thick needle: Big spot
Product operation:
1.ON/PFF button
Turn on or off tool
Switch levels
2.OUT Button
Press it then Green light on, Scan back and forth on the skin
PS: Don’t stay in one place for long.
Our Service:
Small MOQ
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