Wholesale Facial Cleansing Brush for Makeup Removal

It is well known that cleaning is very important for having a good skin, especially after makeup,

which can easily lead to acne blackheads.

This wash brush uses tiny bristles to empty the dirt in your pores.

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Remove Makeup Brush Size:
Model Number: SM-FB-02
Size: 1 90 * 60 * 50mm
Weight: 441g
Vibration frequency: soft gear 4800 times/min
                                       standard gear 12000 times/min
Charging time: about 3H
Remove Makeup Brush Features:
1. Soft and clear tip brush head: suitable for tender skin of face, ultra-fine soft brush, deep dredging and cleaning pores,
Bring the perfect deep cleaning effect.
2. Deep cleaning flat hair brush head: suitable for body skin, delicate and gentle brush hair, deep cleaning of the whole body old cutin,Residual dirt and grease.
3. Silicone brush head: suitable for sensitive skin, anti-mites and bacteriostatic while brightening skin color, restoring skin elasticity and tightness.
4. Two-way micro high frequency vibration, gently massage skin, promote blood circulation, stimulate follow-up maintenance.
5. One-click operation of electric cleaning system, soft and standard mode to meet different skin cleaning needs.
6. Streamline fuselage, IP65 class dustproof and waterproof design, can be used when bathing
7. Low and high bottom heating 43 ℃ & 48 ℃ helps speed up makeup and clean skin
how to solve black head
makeup facial brush package information from china supplier
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