Soft EVA Lined Satin Shower Hat Mildew Proof

The outer shower cap is made of satin, and the inner shower cap is made of EVA. They are of high quality, even if you wash the caps for many times, they won’t wet your hair when you take a bath or shower. The shower caps are suitable for women, especially when wearing an essential oil mask in the hair, it can protect your hair. The rim of the shower cap is elastic and can hold long, thick or curly hair.

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Double-layer design

The outer layer is made of 100% polyester fiber, which feels very smooth. The inner layer is made of EVA with a thickness of 0.11 mm. Waterproof, smoke proof, dustproof, mildew proof, can be used repeatedly without deformation and discoloration

Perfect size

The maximum diameter is 29 cm, which is much larger than other 26 cm shower caps on the market. The width of the elastic band is 8 mm, so it will not be too tight or too loose when worn. Whether it is children or adults, short or long hair, it is very suitable

Beautiful and soft

4 kinds of colorful shower caps. If you are struggling to make a choice, you can definitely meet your needs. The soft chiffon outer layer feels very comfortable on the head

Widely used

These cute shower caps can protect your hair during showering, cooking, spa treatment, makeup and finishing. Even cleaning the room, you can use it to prevent dust

Best gift

Can be folded into a very small size, very suitable for travel. Great gift for family and friends.


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