Solar Panel Roller Massager

Solar panel roller massager can be used for facial care and body care, rotate by 360 degree fit all over body skin, effectively pulling and lifting your skin, activating your skin cells, improving blood circulation and speeding up skin metabolism. Unique “Y” design enables close contact to your skin and creates considerable absorption between the rollers and your skin, bringing your skin back to be tight and tender.

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Solar Panel Roller Massager


Technical Parameters
Model Number: SM-203A
Material : ABS +Plating, Metal
Size:147*45*42 mm
Weight: 275g
Color: Silver
Technology: Ion function
Battery type: Solar energy battery
Warranty: One year

Package Include
1 pc Solar Panel Roller
1 pc Carrying Pouch
1 pc User Manual

Main Features
1. Solar panel roller emit a weak microcurrent by taking in light through a built-in solar-panel.
2. 3D waterproof rollers can rotate by 360 degree fit all over body skin.
3. The unique Y-shaped design creates considerable absorption between the rollers and your skin.
4. Promote face-lift skin tightening and body shaping
5. Improve blood circulation, alleviates tension
6. Deeply purify pores, remove blackheads, dead skin, oil, tighten pores, compact V-shape face, gently lift skin to increase vitality and reduce fine lines.

How To Use:
– Face Care: Roll from bottom to top along with the face outline to firm the skin of mouth, cheek and face. Be careful overexert.
– Neck Care: Grip the handle up, from the shoulder to the back of the neck, roll back and forth or up and down along the path.
– Arms Care: Roll down from the elbows. Pay attention to adjust the angle of the roller and kneading intensity.
– Legs Care: Roll from the ankle to the back of the knee and increase the number of rolls on your calf appropriately.
-Waist Care: Scroll up and down from the sides of the waist to the middle to shape charming waistline.


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