Temperature controllable Hair Straightener

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Temperature controllable Hair Straightener China Supplier Wholesale

Hair Straightener Adjustable temperature: 160 180 200 220
160 / 180: suitable for fine and soft hair
200: suitable for ordinary hair
220: suitable for rough, hard and difficult to shape hair quality
Model Number: SM-zfb
Choose different hair quality and different temperatures to keep your hair elastic after the perm.
Suitable for all kinds of hair
Hair Straightener Use steps:
1. Wash your hair first, wait for it to dry and comb it with a comb
2. Turn on the repeater power and turn on the switch to preheat for 1 minute
3. Divide the hair that needs to be processed with a clip, comb it and straighten it up
4. From the root to the tip of the hair, the movement should be smooth, do not pause, so as not to overheat and burn the hair (no more than 5 minutes)


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