Tensile Auxiliary CVC Belt

Tensile Auxiliary CVC Belt can help the muscles and bones stretch and prolong the stay time of the posture.
You can also fasten your body with an extension belt so that your hands can be vacated and you can extend your heart to your heart’s content.
It is best to choose this kind of double buckle extension belt.
When beginners are not familiar with general yoga movements or can not achieve the function of action, if you add some auxiliary tools, as well as yoga teacher guidance, you can be handier!
When practicing waist curvature or leg extension, it can be used to lift the foot or waist dependence.

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The product material is not elastic!

Model Number:  SM-YSD
Natural cotton material Features:

1. Absorb sweat
2. Air permeability
3. Skin affinity
4. Soft


Tensile Auxiliary CVC Belt Functions:

1. Ligament stretching
2. Corrective attitude
3. Shaping and trimming
4. Yoga assistance
5. Backstretch
6. Mobile contact

It has different auxiliary effects on different yoga postures.
It can beautify the shoulder, straighten the back, stretch the ligaments of the arms and legs, strengthen the waist and abdomen, and decorate the lines of the whole body.
It can stretch thighs, hamstrings, groin, stimulate abdominal organs, and strengthen hip muscles.
Keep your legs healthy
Allow the chest to be fully expanded, the spine can be fully exercised, and the spine has been injured.
In particular, they have the effect of improvement.
Tighten the muscles of the thighs and buttocks and increase the flexibility of the neck, chest and shoulders
Eliminate physical stiffness and stress after work,
5.For “TOE TIP”
It can strengthen the core control, improve posture, enhance concentration and balance.
Strengthen your legs and reduce the excess fat on the belly of the calf
Strengthen the wrist, exercise the legs, strengthen the waist and coccyx area
yoga belt pp bags package
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