Thin face massage instrument-White Color


Skin tightening and pulling

Tender skin wrinkle

Wake up elasticity

Deep moisturizing

Deep net face

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Thin face massage instrument Tool Parameters
Model Number: SM-Guasha-white
Packing method: color box
Accessories: USB cable + specification
Power supply mode: USB wire charging
Net weight / gross weight: 78 ≤ 278g
Product size: 13.5*5.5*1.5cm
Color box size: 16.3*16.3*5.5cm

Two modes of Thin face massage instrument:

Red light:
Warm massage mode, about 12000 vibration per minute, about 45 degrees thermal temperature.
Mainly play the role of whitening, improve the effect of dark, cooperate with the use of skin care
products better effect

Blue lamp:
Massage vibration mode, about 8500 quakes per minute to help skin care products absorb better
and faster
The main effect is to wake up the muscles and brighten the complexion. It is better to lift and
tighten the skin for 8 minutes a day.

Redlight and bluelight

The basic operation steps:
1. Press for 2 seconds to turn on.
2. Click on the mode of changing red and blue light
3. Induction work, hand contact with metal position, when massage begins, automatic work
3. After use, clean the fuselage with a cleaning cloth to keep the instrument clean

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