Ultrasonic Hot and Cold Facial Beauty Instrument

This high frequency vibration facial lifting massager with heat and cold functions, helps skin tightening, maintain flexibility, shrink pores, lock moisture and wrinkle remove, relieve skin fatigue, strengthen collagen, accelerate the absorption of nutrition, enhance elasticity, prevent allergies and other problems, reduce skin redness, pain, Resistance to repeated growth of acne.

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Ultrasonic Hot and Cold Facial Beauty Instrument
Technical Parameters
Model Number: SM-YM1705
Input Voltage: DC 5V
Temperature Range: 6-42℃(±3℃)
Vibration Frequency: 9000 (+ 10%) rpm
Charge Time: 3.5/ hours
Charging Cower: 2.5W
Use Cower: MAX 10W
Battery Capacity: 750mAh
Net Weight: 138g
Working hours: 5 minutes / each
Warranty: One year

Package Include
1 pc Ultrasonic Facial Beauty Instrument
1 pc Charging Cable
1 pc Manual Instructions
1 pc Packing box

Main Features
1. High-frequency vibration massage device can quickly and effectively absorb the essence, cream, repair fluid, lock moisture, reduce wrinkles, relieve muscle soreness, relieve skin fatigue, resist the repeated growth of acne.
2. Lymphatic drainage: lymphatic drainage and detoxification massage can effectively promote blood circulation, improve the metabolic rate of the body.
3. Heat effect: 41 degrees to 45 degrees thermal energy penetration, mild heat wake up skin vitality, increase skin elasticity, brighten skin tone, moisturizes and fulfills skin, improve the circulation of blood and promote the regeneration of skin cells.
4.Cold effect: 6 degrees to 10 degrees ice experience, calm and shrink pores, tighten the skin. It has an effective physical cooling effect on sunburned skin and sensitive pruritus skin, wake up the perfect balance of the skin.

Ultrasonic Hot and Cold Facial Beauty Instrument



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