Ultrasonic LED Light Therapy Facial Beauty Machine

This facial beauty machine uses two technologies that are recognized internationally as the most effective skincare power light and ultrasonic, and it is assembled in a small beauty machine. It applies non-invasive physical energy to deep cleanse the skin, tighten the skin, smooth wrinkles, sculpts the body, stimulates and promote the cell vitality of skin itself. Accelerates skin microcirculation, enhances tissue oxygen supply and metabolism and keeps the skin young. This skin beauty device is easy to carry, easy to use, beautiful appearance, and with two beauty heads are interchangeable.

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Ultrasonic LED Light Therapy Facial Beauty Machine
Technical Parameters
Model Number: SM-1388C
Input: AC110-240V
Output: DC5V, 0.8A
Size: 170*50*55mm
Weight: 202g
Ultrasonic Frequency: 3M/1MHZ±5%
Rated Power: 6W
Material: ABS+PC+Metal
Color: Sliver
Warranty: One year

Package Include
1 pc Facial Beauty Machine
1 pc Manual Instructions
1 pc USB Charging Cable
1 pc Gift Box Packing

Product Features
1. Photon ultrasonic LED light therapy facial beauty machine is using the power light and ultrasound technology.
2. Deeply cleanse the skin.
3. Dilute spots, equalize skin tone, brighten the skin.
4. Eliminate facial swelling, reduce double chin, and shape the face.
5. Smooth wrinkles, tighten the skin and sculpting the body.
6. This product is a beauty machine and slimming machine.
7. 1M’s large beauty head has the effect of removing excess fat and firming and losing weight.
8. Power light, it can only work in 3M mode, the power light is divided into blue light, red light, green light, different colors of power light have different effects, red light freckle care, suitable for all skin types, blue light removing wrinkles and lifting care, suitable for sensitivity oily and acne-prone skin, green light hypoallergenic care, suitable for normal skin.


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