USB Electric Eyelash Curler

USB Electric eyelash curler, with unique ceramic heating rod technology, 10 seconds preheating, heats evenly without damaging the eyelashes, mini USB stick design is convenient for daily carrying,it helps every girl to have charming long curly eyelashes.

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USB Electric Eyelash Curler

Technical Parameters
Model Number: SM-801
Material: ABS+ceramic
Size: 88*21*10mm
Color: White
Charge Method: USB charge
Voltage: DC3.7V/ 120mA
Heating temperature: 69-80℃

Package Include
1 pc electric eyelash curler
1 pc gift box

Main Features
1. Unique ceramic heating rod technology, 10 seconds preheating, temperature 80 degrees
2. USB charging
3. Built-in high-rate lithium battery
4. Persistent stereotyping
5. Ceramic heating body, uniform fever does not hurt eyelashes
6. Compact and portable USB stick design
7. Can be used about 30-40 minutes per charge

Operation Instruction
Step 1: Contact eyelashes in the right posture,Slowly curl your eyelashes along the top
Step 2: Gently press during the curling process,5 second stereotype
Step 3: Button control, the blue indicator is room temperature, and the red indicator is high temperature mode.

Eyelash Curler

USB Electric Heated Eyelash Curler

Heated Eyelash Curler


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