Vibration Massage Ball Black

Vibration therapy massage ball deep tissue trigger point massage can fight muscle soreness, very suitable for muscle recovery and muscle myofascial release. Trigger points can penetrate the internal muscles and joints to eliminate nodules, relieve tension and improve blood circulation. It can be used to massage and relieve the back, legs, buttocks, arms, waist, feet and so on.

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Vibration Massage Ball Trigger Point Massage Ball

Technical Parameters
Model Number:  SM-B614
Net weight: 360g
Material:  ABS+Silicone
Battery :DC3.7V 2500 mAh
Charging time:  2-4 hours
Working time; Maximum speed 90 mins(6 cycles) 15 mins per cycle
Motor: RPM 2000 at first speed
4000 at second speed
6000 at third speed
Motor working temperature: 65℃

Package Include
1 pc Vibrating Massage Ball
1 pc Manual Instructions
1 pc USB Charging Cable
1 pc Gift Box Packing

Usage Instruction
1 press of power button Turn on the power and charging indicator
2 press of power button Turn on the first speed’s vibration(1 speed indicating)
3 press of power button Turn on the second speed’s vibration(2 speeds indicating)
4 press of power button Turn on the third speed’s vibration(3 speeds indicating)
5 press of power button Turn on the fourth speed’s vibration(4 speeds recycling indicating

Cleaning & Maintenance
1 The product will be off power automatically when vibrating continuously for 15 minutes. (Due to the product’s heat is too high and need to shut down to cool off)
2 The product can not be used continuously under the third-speed vibration mode for over 60 minutes. (It needs to be cool off for a while to protect its motor)
3 Please do not throw, drop or slam the product in any case.
4 The product has an IP65 waterproof standard, and please use it properly. Please do not use it when it is not waterproof or has other problems. You can contact us to solve it.
5 Please keep it clean and dry. Please use the storage bag to stock it when not using it.

Trigger Point Massage Ball to Fight Sore Muscles


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