Warm Mist Facial Steamer for Face Moisturizing and Spa

Why choose a facial steamer? It can soften and wet your skin surface, so it will be easy to remove the dead skin, dirt, oil, toxins and cosmetic residues after applying this machine. It can also relieve the sinuse blackage and open the pores. After a busy day and back to home, try this steamer. It will add moisture to your room and reduce your fatigue. You deserve this cool face steamer.

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Features of the  facial steamer

Warm mist moisturizing:
Nano water molecules produced by the facial steamer are evenly heated. At a mild, non-irritating steam temperature, water molecules become more delicate, more comfortable, and moisture deeper.
You can cut fruits, vegetables, Chinese medicine, etc. Cut into small pieces and place them on the steaming tray of the facial steamer. You can use them according to the needs of your skin. This is a good way to relieve nervous tension.
Power-off protection:
When there is not enough water in the facial water cup of the facial steamer, it will automatically shut down to prevent the face of the facial steamer from drying out and causing unnecessary danger
Temperature control technology:
The steam inhaler controls the temperature of water molecules at the most comfortable temperature, not too high or too low, providing you with the most comfortable experience
Bottom heat dissipation:
There is a radiator at the bottom of the nano-ion evaporator, which can prevent the evaporator from heating up due to long-term use, which may cause safety hazards.




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