Waterproof EVA Shower Caps for SPA and Bath

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These hair bands are made of high-quality satin material, soft and smooth to the touch, washable and easy to dry. It can fix the hair well, will not damage the hair, it is easy and easy to use. You can choose a variety of ways to wear it. This is an exquisite gift for ladies or girls. Our hair accessories can be used in various occasions, you can wear them when you are attending parties, ceremonies and daily wear to make you look more charming.

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High-Quality Materials

The ladies shower cap is made of waterproof EVA plastic, which has excellent waterproof effect. There are elastic rubber bands on the edges, elastic and non-toxic. Lightweight and portable, can be folded into a small size, convenient to carry when traveling, easy to use, easy to air-dry, and bring you a more comfortable feeling.

Appropriate Size

Our large plastic shower cap has a diameter of 27cm / 10.6in, with elastic bands on the edge, which has good elasticity and is suitable for girls and adults over 5 years old. Strong enough elasticity, suitable for all types of long and short hair, without making you feel the slightest stiffness and discomfort, which helps your hair stay dry and better enjoy the shower time.

Fashionable Design

Our three lovely dot shower caps include three colors: red, blue and green. The simple and atmospheric design is both fun and stylish. It can match your daily wear and make you look more charming. If it is difficult for you to choose, these dot shower caps can definitely meet your needs.


Our ladies swimming caps are of good quality, and the elastic band at the bottom will not leave scary marks on your forehead. The good elasticity of the elastic band makes the shower cap strong and durable, which can be used to fix the hair in the shower or cleaning process.

Used in a wide range of uses: Our reusable shower cap is suitable for most women. The light and comfortable shower cap for ladies is not only suitable for bathing and showering, but also suitable for makeup, hair mask, SPA, cooking and cleaning, which can effectively prevent the hair from getting wet and dirty. The perfect hairstyling tool.

Waterproof EVA Shower Caps for SPA and Bath Waterproof EVA Shower Caps for SPA and Bath Waterproof EVA Shower Caps for SPA and Bath Waterproof EVA Shower Caps for SPA and Bath

1 review for Waterproof EVA Shower Caps for SPA and Bath

  1. Tina L.

    Not as fragile as the clear plastic I bought from other suppliers. It’s cute. it’s tight enough. I’m sure it won’t tear easily.

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