Waterproof Shower Cap with Elastic for Men and Women

The shower cap is made of PEVA nylon and does not contain latex, so it is comfortable and safe to wear. It is used to keep the hair dry in the shower, and to fix it in the proper position when you sleep. Our design keeps the hair comfortable without making the hair look like frizzy edges. It is ideal for health, tanning, household, hotel and hair seasoning, suitable for shower and hair care.

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Our simple and effective shower cap provides excellent waterproof performance and is easy to wear with its elastic band that fits your head and covers your ears, so anyone can use this cap easily. Only one size, but fits everyone, suitable for men and women’s heads. The simple design is very suitable for practical use in shower/bath/water environment-sturdy double-layer design with large expansion area, effectively preventing hair from getting wet.

Our products are reasonably priced, and they are worth buying in bulk.  If you have any questions about wholesale these products, please contact us by email or send the inquiry form. Then, we will quickly provide you with a wise solution.

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