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Cheap nose hair trimmer Parameters:
Model Number: SM-BMJ-03
Size: 130mm*28mm
material: ABS
Power Supply: 1 * AA battery
Note When Trimming Nose Hair:
Nasal hair pruning does not need to be completely cut.
Nasal hair is the first line of defense against respiratory diseases. Nasal hair has three functions:
1. Nasal hair can block dust, bacteria and so on in the air, so that the human body can inhale the filtered clean air. At the same time, the role of nasal cilia, but also make some bacteria with mucus into the stomach, with gastric acid to kill bacteria.
2.  Nasal hair can maintain the temperature of nasal mucosa, do not make the external cold air directly inhale trachea, but also keep nasal mucous membrane moist, has the function of preventing dry or atrophic rhinitis, as well as nosebleed.
3. Nasal hair can maintain the olfactory nerve without damage, so that the nose can smell a variety of odors, and the smell of food to the brain, improve appetite.
Larger foreign bodies, such as small insects entering the nasal cavity, not only block nasal hair, but also send a message to the nervous system, causing sneezing and clearing them out.
Therefore, only when the nose hair is exposed, can the long part be cut off.
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