Yoga Anti-skid Balance Board

This product is designed according to ergonomics to make your exercise more effective.
What a temptation it is for a fitness lover
It’s hard for me to imagine anyone who doesn’t fall in love with it.
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Balance Board Parameters:
Model Number: SM-PHB
To you: 64.5 * 28.5 * 7CM
Material:All NEW ABS
Suffer Weight:200KGS
Who need the Balance Board?
1 people who want to lose weight
The body is deformed after delivery and the skin is loose and drooping.
2. Fitness talent
Build a tight figure and build a vest line
3. People who work in the office
Fat accumulates in the waist before sitting on a computer for a long time
4. Family fitness
It’s also a good tool to play with children.
Big Man Movement, Children grow up healthily and happily
How to use Balance Board?
Swing on the board
It can exercise the extraabdominal oblique muscle, which has a good effect on the whole abdominal muscle group.
It is a good equipment for women to practice vest lines and for men to increase abdominal muscle lines.
Squat on the board
Exercise thighs and buttocks, good exercise for lateral muscles
On-board push-ups
Exercise the chest muscles and arms to improve the deep muscles, faster than the normal push-ups.
Twist the waist on the board
Exercise the waist and buttocks so that the waist and buttocks muscles are well relaxed, thus creating a thin waist and buttocks.
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