Yoga resistance bands(4 Pcs package)

According to your different training levels, we have prepared four kinds of bags with different pressure.
Let you improve step by step,
Or you have different needs, please discuss them with us.
We will try our best to completely make your ideas came true.

I want to …

I want to …

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Yoga resistance bands(4 Pcs package) China Supplier Wholesale

Product Specifications:
Model Number: SM-Yoga-bands
4 different intensity option:
Light-10 pounds
Medium-15 pounds
Heavy-20 pounds
X-Heavy-30 pounds

Yoga resistance bands features:
Environmental protection material: made of natural latex, no stimulation, non-toxic, yoga exercise can be close to the skin
High elastic performance: the material is elastic and can be stretched and trained at will. There are four pounds to choose from.

Yoga resistance bands Effects:
For buttocks, squat work exercise, can increase the intensity of exercise, better shaping buttocks
For Arms, assists arm exercise to shape tight lines
For Legs, corrects leg shape and shapes leg line

how to use Yoga resistance bands


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