Where Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Where Does Red Light Therapy Work

There is a lot going on just a few millimeter below our scalp. It’s a very busy place, or it should be. That’s where the red light is going to go to work.
The dermis is the home to lots of different cells and structures. It houses blood vessels, our precious hair follicles, and sebaceous glands for skin lubrication. The cells producing Collagen and Elastin are found there too. These are the all important ones for Anti-Aging treatments.
Plants use photosynthesis to convert light energy into chemical energy. Our body’s react in a similar way when red light is applied. The light energy is converted to cellular energy.
This cellular energy can make significant rejuvenating changes to dormant or aging cells. This increase in cellular energy also has positive effects on multiple metabolic, and nervous system processes. Blood circulation is also increased, not by heat, but by triggering the release of nitricoxide. A short-lived, but naturally produced gas, it widens and relaxes our blood vessels allowing more circulation.

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